Have ZIPPITTEE - Will Travel

At ZIPPITTEE, we're big fans of travel. And huge believers that EVERY ONE OF US should have the opportunity to discover our great, diverse world.

There are MILLIONS of us, at different stages in our lives, who'd love to, but can't...because we've always other things to spend our money on. We've all been there. Students, nesters, early-retirees...all "would-be explorers".

So, what if ZIPPITTEE created a Smartphone travel solution just for you...and them...that set us free to live our travel dreams? So you could travel wherever you like, whenever you want, and however you'd like to get there...all debt-free? and all with the convenience of your Smartphone?

For starters, imagine what that'd do for the 21 million US university students who won't leave the US pre-graduation? We know they want to. Employers want them to as well. We know that our future leaders will come from their ranks...and boy do we need leaders who understand this world of ours.

Travel is the answer, and ZIPPITTEE is the key. While we're building the solution, join our community of Global Citizens by REGISTERING YOUR INTEREST in updates and in our planned Crowdfunding Campaign.

Let's change this world of ours.